Check out the $100,000 Caviar iPhone 11 Pro with a clock on the back

Russian outfit Caviar already has a reputation for making some outlandish iPhones and now we’ve been given a rare chance to see one in a video. Caviar provided YouTuber Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee with one of its Solarius Zenith Full Gold models, and oh my.

The phone is a standard iPhone 11 Pro that has had its rear glass panel removed and replaced with a ton of gold and 127 diamonds. Oh, and a working tourbillon. That’s a fancy clock for the uninitiated.

Zenith — a model in which the luxury is made absolute. No compromises – only gold and diamonds. Only the most valuable materials on the Earth. Like the Sun being high takes the highest position in the sky of the possible ones, the owner of this smartphone is worthy of the highest status only.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Solarius Zenith is the sign of the undeniable superiority and closest position to an ideal. This is an accessory that can be hold in hands of only the most worthy ones.


You can check the full ten-minute video for the rundown of what you’re getting for your $100,000. And if you want to go iPhone 11 Pro Max or get more than the standard 64GB of storage, that’s an option as well. You’ll just need to find the extra $20,000 or so to do it.

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