At Caviar Classic, we love Caviar for more than just its great taste and rich texture and nutty aromas. Caviar is perhaps one of the most balanced of all superfoods. Seriously… Read on…

High in a wide range of amino acids and beneficial/essential fatty acids (BFA/EFA), and high in minerals and antioxidants, are just a start for these roes. Like all eggs, Caviar is packed with nutrients and micronutrients an egg would need to come into this world in order to satisfy its progenitor’s engineering requirements and nature’s brutal realities. In plain English, they need a lot of energy and even more forms of protection from the cold and dangerous world they are released into. As their predators, we consider their form of “protection” our “elemental benefits” and they need a whole host of them to develop and survive. It would seem obvious that a lot of energy from complex proteins and protectant fatty acids along with elementals are needed to survive in their cold habitat while turning into a fish. That is why as unbelievable as it might sound, even in the small amounts normally consumed, Caviar is so rich in nutrients that it still provides a boost.

Sturgeon Meat Benefits

Sturgeon meat contains variable amounts and types of proteins and lipids, depending on species, age, habitat conditions and size. However, generally, protein content is high and of a variety of compositions, being of good bio value. Fatty acids are also considerable, in the form of omega-3, omega-6, EPA, and DHA.

Caviar's Benefits

So what are these supra-average benefits?

Caviar has been shown to relieve depression/bipolar syndrome (physically and not just from the luxury and consumption value) due to its high omega-3 content

Caviar’s fatty acids are generally prevalent towards unsaturated

Caviar combats impotence and strengthens the circulatory system by reducing hardening of arteries and veins

Caviar’s Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid acts as a natural migraine fighter

Caviar’s Vitamin B12, vital for a healthy circulatory system, is plentiful

Caviar has Selenium, a vital micronutrient which along with Vitamins A and E fights free radicals in cells. Moreover, boosting blood circulation, Caviar aids in prevention of blood cloths. Selenium also strengthens the immune system and aids in cognitive function.

Caviar also aids in keeping skin looking young and healthy by sustaining its elasticity, as it is high in Vitamin A and E and its Phospholipids hydrate the skin and nourish the hair as well. These antioxidants aid in reversing cell damage, which is an important path to preventing cancers and degenerative diseases as well.

Caviar’s high calcium content aids in bone health, which works in conjunction with its high levels of Vitamin D.

Other minerals in Caviar include sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

We hope now that you know more about Caviar’s grand benefits, you would honor us with allowing us to serve you more at Caviar Classic. Bon Appetite…