Article 1: Definitions

In these General Conditions used words, singular or plural, that start with a capital letter, have the meaning as defined underneath in this article.

1.1 Conditions: these terms and conditions stated on the website
1.2 Order procedure: The procedure Customer by telephone, by running at home or on the website in order to buy a product.
1.3 Client: the party who enters into Caviar Classic Caviar Classic an agreement.
1.4 Contract: contract of which the General Conditions integral part of concerning the sale and delivery of a product.
1.5 Parties: Caviar Classic and Customer together.
1.6 Caviar Classic: the party that operates the General Conditions, also opposing party of Customer.
1.7 Website: the Caviar Classic website, found under the URL
1.8 Product: business, what Caviar Classic offers on her Website, door to door, or other media, which Customer can order.
Article 2: Applicability

2.1 The Terms and Conditions are applicable to all Contracts, possible (e-mail) newsletters, the Website, the Order procedure as well as contacts and / or (legal) acts between Parties, even if these (legal) acts do not lead to an agreement.
2.2 Appropriateness of general delivery or payment conditions and / or other general or special conditions of Customer are expressly excluded.
Article 3: Conclusion of contract

3.1 The products offered on the Website with accompanying prices as an offer without obligation, by which customer can be accepted either directly to Caviar Classic, either by going through and completing the entire Order procedure. The Agreement may either orally shall be concluded in writing or electronically. Caviar Classic confirms the conclusion of the Agreement in writing or electronically to the customer.
3.2 Caviar Classic does not guarantee that the range as referred to above is without errors and / or omissions. Misprints are expressly reserved and can be ground to give do not honor the agreement. Caviar Classic if decides so, she will immediately inform the Customer.
3.3 If for any reason, including the situation in the last sentence of the previous paragraph referred to the Contract is not established or disbanded, Caviar Classic ensures -when the Customer paid in advance by the amounts paid as soon as possible for Caviar Classic, be refunded to the Customer. This refund is in any case within 30 (thirty) days. In the event that this situation occurs within the first 14 days after the product is shipped, the statutory right of withdrawal as mentioned in Article 7 and the associated conditions.
3.4 Caviar Classic is entitled without explanation a request to enter into an Agreement to refuse, or attach additional conditions to the closing of the Agreement. Caviar Classic reserves the right to amend the Agreement to tell if the buyer fails to comply with the provisions of these terms and conditions.
3.5 Caviar Classic decide what postcodes she delivers her products. It is possible that a customer is refused because Caviar Classic does not deliver in a particular zip code area.
Article 4: Prices and Payment

4.1 Prices as mentioned on the site are in Euros and include VAT, and including other government levies. Prices include shipping and delivery, if not otherwise stated.
4.2 Caviar Classic is entitled at any time the prices to match.
4.3 For payment, the Customer may only use the payment methods agreed in the order.
Article 5: Supply and delivery

5.1 The delivery periods as stated on the Website as well as in confirmation emails are indicative.
5.2 Caviar Classic will to make every effort to achieve these indicative stated delivery periods.
5.3 If and insofar Caviar Classic within 60 (sixty) days can deliver the ordered Products to Customer, the Customer has the right, after Caviar Classic has announced the Contract within the operation of the stated period to cancel the Agreement. Article 3.4 is by analogy.
5.4 Deliveries will take place at the Customer at the conclusion of the agreement specified address.
5.5 If the intended time of delivery by the supplier or the customer or a person designated by him person at the delivery address is present or the Customer or above designated person not able or willing to accept, then stands Caviar Classic from that moment not more guarantees the quality of the items of the product.
5.6 If personal transfer of the product is not possible, the agreement can be met by the product in front of the dwelling place. Once the product is imminent, Caviar Classic from that time no longer responsible for the quality of the items of the product.
5.7 When it is not possible to place the product before the door, the agreement is fulfilled by placing the product before the entrance of the building. Once products for the door of the building, Caviar Classic from that time no longer responsible for the quality of the items of the product.
Article 6: Complaints

6.1 If and to the extent that in the opinion of the Customer Product features do not comply with the Contract, the Customer will consult Caviar Classic. Since the products are generally more fresh / chilled / frozen products, the items are not returned by the Customer to the Caviar Classic. Reclamation is only possible if:
a. Customer receipt has indicated it delivered immediately inspected and any defects Caviar Classic within two days by mail;
b. Customer hereby least name, main delivery address and indicate a description of the defect;
c. Customer has consumed, in which customer complains none of the items of the delivery.
6.2 If investigation of Caviar Classic shows that the properties of the product satisfy the Caviar Classic Agreement with Customer will consult.
6.3 If investigation of Caviar Classic shows that the properties of the product does not comply with the Contract, the Customer is entitled to a replacement product, if still available.
6.4 Where in the preceding paragraph on the value of the product, means the price agreed in the Agreement.
Article 7: Right of withdrawal

7.1 Please observe the following information regarding the legal right of withdrawal for users.
7.2 You have the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days. If you use your right of withdrawal, you are required to pay for the return shipping costs. Note Please be excluded that perishable goods statutory right of withdrawal.
7.3 To revoke the Agreement, you can use the model form which can be found at the end of this page or by modelformulierin .pdf te downloaden.
7.4 Upon revocation of the Product will be refund of prepaid deliveries within 14 days.
Article 8: Costs in case of withdrawal

8.1 If the customer exercises his right of withdrawal, will not exceed the cost of return shipping cost.
Article 9: Force Majeure

9.1 In case of force majeure Caviar Classic not kept its obligations to comply with the Customer. Caviar Classic is entitled to suspend its obligations for the duration of the force majeure.
9.2 By force majeure is understood to mean any circumstance beyond its control so that the performance of his obligations towards the customer is prevented in whole or in part. These circumstances include, among others, strikes, fire, disturbances in the transport means, operational failures, power failures, failures in a (telecommunication) network or connection or communication systems and / or the, at any moment are not available from the Website, are not or non- timely delivery by suppliers or other third parties and the lack of any available government issued license.
Article 10: Processing personal data

10.1 If and insofar as personal data of Customer is the only treatment to:
a. Agreement to perform and honor to be able to give;
b. Customer inquire about supplies;
c. subject to the limitation of the following paragraph, the Customer to notify about (new) products and services of Caviar Classic.
10.2 For sending commercial expressions via electronic way to Customers (such as, but not limited to email newsletters and SMS messages) as described in the preceding paragraph c, is the customer requested by these terms permission during the Order procedure Caviar Classic and only if authorized by the Customer is granted Caviar Classic will send these expressions.
10.3 The Customer is entitled at any time and free of charge access to its personal data and information desired by Caviar Classic adapt to inaccuracies.
Article 11: Applicable law, complaints and disputes

11.1 On the Contract and to subsequent agreements Dutch law.
11.2 If and when there is a complaint, the Customer contacts with Caviar Classic, which contacted by telephone, in writing or by email at [email protected] can. The contact information that can be used for this are listed at the bottom of these Terms and Conditions. Caviar Classic will within 30 (thirty) days to respond to a complaint referred to above.
Article 12: Other provisions

12.1 Caviar Classic is always authorized these Terms adapt. Current agreements will be fulfilled after changing the terms and conditions under the old agreed terms.
Model withdrawal form:

(This form only complete and return when you want to withdraw from the contract).